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GSLVGeosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (Indian Space Research Organization)
GSLVGeostationary Satellite Launch Vehicle (Indian Space Research Organisation; Bangalore, India)
GSLVGuitar Society of Las Vegas (Nevada)
GSLVGuar symptomless potyvirus
GSLVGreat Salt Lake Valley (Utah)
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What Young told Brannan there came as a shock and huge disappointment: The church leader's pioneer company now was heading toward the Great Salt Lake Valley, not northern California.
Brannan's zeal for northern California and its grand natural harbor on San Francisco Bay was more than matched by Young's instant delight with the remote, isolated Great Salt Lake Valley.
The Saints could not possibly subsist in the Great Salt Lake Valley, he told them.
Native Americans lived in the Great Salt Lake Valley for thousands of years before white settlement.
When Bringham Young refused to follow him to California, opting instead to build the Mormon kingdom in the harsh Great Salt Lake Valley, Brannan cast off his Mormonism and went his own way in northern California.
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