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GSBDGreat Schools by Design (American Architectural Foundation)
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The American Architectural Foundation (AAF) and Target are pleased to announce the launch of Redesign Your School: A Contest of Scholarly Proportions one part of AAF's Great Schools by Design program.
The American Architectural Foundation's Great Schools by Design, launched in March 2004, aims to communicate to school districts what exactly goes into good design, mad how they can best implement the philosophy.
AAF rolled out Great Schools by Design expressly for that purpose.
Great Schools by Design, a major national initiative, was developed by the Washington, D.C.-headquartered American Architectural Foundation (AAF) to transform how schools are designed and planned.
Great Schools by Design has two major goals: The first is to be a resource to school and community leaders and inform them about leading-edge thinking in school design; the second goal is to create a national forum for the major stakeholders in school design to think creatively about the larger issues affecting the design and construction of schools.