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GAFTAGrain And Feed Trade Association
GAFTAGreater Arab Free Trade Area
GAFTAGreater Arab Free Trade Agreement
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Also, many countries in Comesa are part of the World Trade Organisation and Sudan, Egypt and Libya are part of the Greater Arab Free Trade Agreement (Gafta).
As a part of the GCC, three FTAs have been signed which are the Greater Arab Free Trade Agreement (GAFTA) which includes 18 Arab countries and four associate members from the Organisation of Islamic Countries, the GCC and Singapore Free Trade Agreement (GSFTA), and the GCC and European Free Trade Association Free Trade Agreement (GG-EFTA FTA) which includes Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein.
Free Trade Agreement (JUSFTA), EU Association Agreement, the Greater Arab Free Trade Agreement (GAFTA) and bilateral FTAs, as well as to identify key trade-related policy advocacy issues, int@j and the USAID-funded SABEQ Program are collaborating on several fronts.
"It is also worth noting that six African countries are members of the Greater Arab Free Trade Agreement (GAFTA) while a further four are associate members.
It attributed the expected low impact to the fact that Lebanon has already reduced tariffs unilaterally in 2000 and 2003, and then completely liberalized its trade with Arab countries starting in 2005 as part of the Greater Arab Free Trade Agreement.Aa
The Greater Arab Free Trade Agreement has 18 countries of the region loosely agreeing at this stage to create their own market of nearly 350 million people.
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