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Their orators thou then extoll'st as those The top of eloquence--statists indeed, And lovers of their country, as may seem; But herein to our Prophets far beneath, As men divinely taught, and better teaching The solid rules of civil government, In their majestic, unaffected style, Than all the oratory of Greece and Rome.
I must have told the boys stories out of my Goldsmith's Greece and Rome, or it would not have been known that I had read them, but I have no recollection now of doing so, while I distinctly remember rehearsing the allegories and fables of the 'Gesta Romanorum', a book which seems to have been in my hands about the same time or a little later.
Nor do I believe that all the imagination, fire, and judgment of Pitt, could have produced those orations that have made the senate of England, in these our times, a rival in eloquence to Greece and Rome, if he had not been so well read in the writings of Demosthenes and Cicero, as to have transferred their whole spirit into his speeches, and, with their spirit, their knowledge too.
Greece and Rome are more real in print than ever they were in marble.
The Woman and the Lyre: Women Writers in Classical Greece and Rome (reprint, 1989)
This profusely illustrated encyclopedia for general readers and students in high school and up offers a total of 76 articles covering the most well-known deities of ancient Greece and Rome.
Vivante's thesis is that the earlier cultures represented here, Egypt and Mesopotamia, displayed a greater regard for women and for the female than was found in Greece and Rome, whose societies show a higher degree of patriarchy.
His most recent project, The Baroque Cycle, is set during the Enlightenment, but lately he's been training his gaze on classical Greece and Rome, civilizations whose experiences with war, militarism, representative government, and empire are forever relevant, reason asked him to recommend three essential guides.
Justinian, the Emperor, believed that he could bring some of the greatness of ancient Greece and Rome to his capital.
Nisbet's book is a contribution to Bristol Phoenix's Greece and Rome Live series.
Classic Considerations: Useful Wisdom From Greece And Rome by Marie Carducci Bolchazy is a compendium of reflection on the thought and philosophical vision of the ancients made available in translation and applicable to the circumstances of contemporary readers.
After a brief tour of the Stone Age, Coontz stretches back to ancient Greece and Rome to develop her first point about marriage: It fulfilled economic and political functions of distributing land, wealth, and power.