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GIGovernment Issue (as in GI Joe)
GIGet(s) It
GIGeneral Information
GIGeophysical Institute
GIGeographical Indications
GIGießen (Germany; auto license number plate)
GIGlycemic Index
GIGrand Island (Nebraska)
GIGame Informer (video game magazine)
GIGoogle It
GIGlobal Illumination (graphic art)
GIGilligan's Island (TV show)
GIGovernment Issued (gaming clan)
GIGateway Integration
GIGeospatial Information
GIGas Industry
GIGlobal Initiative
GIGender Imbalance
GIGlycemic Impact (diet)
GIGeospatial Intelligence (National System for Geospatial Intelligence)
GIGeneral Investigation
GIGeneral Issue
GIGasherbrum I (26,470 ft. mountain near Pakistan-China)
GIGender Incongruence
GIGeneral Instruction
GIGeneral Intelligence
GIGalvanized Iron
GIGranuloma Inguinale (aka: Donovanosis)
GIGlobal Infrastructure
GIGranulomatous Inflammation (chronic inflammation)
GIGlobal Industries
GIGaruda Indonesia (airline)
GIGeneral Inspection
GIGeneral Increase
GIGreenpeace International
GIGrey Iron
GIG Protein, Alpha-Inhibiting
GIGeneral Illumination (pinball machine lights)
GIGuard Impact (video game)
GIGreen Index
GIGuest Investigator
GIGuitar Institute
GIGeneral Infantry
GIGeneral Infantry (less common)
GIGunnery Instructor (various armed forces)
GIGlossopharyngeal Insufflation (physiology)
GIGuaranteed Insurability (insurance)
GIGeninfo Identifier
GIGlobal Internet Symposium
GIGesellschaft für Informatik eV
GIGas Injector
GIGuest Informant
GIGlobal Imager
GIGeneral Instruments Corporation
GIGeographically Impossible
GIGenuine Ilocano (Filipino from Ilocos Province)
GIGlobal Indexing System
GIGeneral Inductee
GIGegenschein Imager
GIGlobal Instruments, Inc.
GIGelbray International
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The dispersion pattern of parasitoids eggs among the hosts was estimated as defined by Green index.
A major finding from the 2009 Autodesk/AIA Green Index report, published by the AIA and San Rafael, California-based Autodesk AEC Solutions, was that 42 percent of architects reported clients asking for green building elements on a majority of their projects, with 47 percent of clients actually implementing green building elements on their projects, an increase of 15 percent from 2007.
Data were obtained with regard to the male/female ratio, ecological descriptors, as Dispersion Index, the Green Index, the Shannon Index, and the Pielou Uniformity Index (LUDWIG & REYNOLDS, 1988) and Simpson's Index of Diversity (RODRIGUES, 2008).
The company is also unveiling the Solar Green Index, which measures the efficiency and value of silicon-based photovoltaic architectures from a systems perspective.
and the American Institute of Architects (AIA) announced the results of the 2007 Autodesk/AIA Green Index, an annual survey that measures how AIA member architects in the United States are practicing sustainable design, as well as their opinions about the green building movement.
Info-Tech's 2007 Green Index indicates a stark contrast between the public and private sectors concerning their intentions and actions on energy efficiency and environmental responsibility.
She had it all set up - she even wrote the (categories) on all the green index cards," Kletzok says.
Since it was created four years ago, the Winslow Green Index (WGI), an equally weighted index of 100 "green-screened" companies, has had a cumulative increase in value of +98.
Three different measurement modes, including the traditional 1-9 green index scale, quantify the color characteristics of turf grass describing color and quality.
The FREE rankings combine 10 diverse indicators including the number of monitoring stations in a state, the number of enforcement actions initiated by the state EPA, and so on, and the Green Index contains 179 measures of "green conditions" and "green policies.
Finally, a corporate green index is proposed as an alternative method to evaluate a corporation's overall performance.