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GLAIGreen Leaf Area Index
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Green Leaf Area Index, Pod Area Index, Photosynthesis, and Radiation Use Efficiency.
F-statistics, intercepts, slopes, coefficients of determination, standard errors of the estimate for y (SEEy), and coefficients of variation for relationships between percentage defoliation, dry weight, percentage reflectance, green leaf area index for alfalfa primary leaves (PGLAI), green leaf area index for alfalfa secondary leaves (SGLAI), leaf-to-stem ratio, and green leaf area index for harvest dates in 1998 at Ames and in 1999 at Nashua, IA.
In order to determine green leaf area index lamina length (L) and maximum lamina width (W) were used to calculate leaf area (A) as in Montgomery [2].
2000b), the relation between N content and green leaf area index (LAI) under TD was examined at anthesis, mid grain fill and maturity (Fig.