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Bioconcepts Green Lipped Mussel Extract Capsules contain freeze-dried extracts of these shellfish which are rich in B12, as well as omega-3, selenium, zinc and folic acid.
Our leading product, GlycOmegaTM PLUS green lipped mussel extract, is now backed by two successful clinical studies in reducing joint pain & increasing joint mobility in patients with osteo arthritis.
Many people suffering from arthritis have found relief by supplementing their diets with Green Lipped Mussel extract. Known as Seatone, this formula contains Biolane TM, ( an extract of the New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel), anti- inflammatory agents, immune modulators and many essential building blocks such as proteins, minerals, glycosaminoglycans and marine long chain fatty acids.
I take vitamins from New Zealand called green lipped mussel extract. I have tried various suppliers to obtain Imperthritica without success.
"Green lipped mussel extract can now be positioned as a natural joint relief alternative to prescription drugs, which can cause side effects such as stomach cramps and pain."
Green Lipped Mussel Extract and Aloe Vera juice applied to the affected joints and has a very soothing effect.