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GZGround Zero
GZGuangzhou (China)
GZGaliza (Spanish region)
GZGeschäftszeichen (German: Business Logo)
GZG-Zip (compressed archive; file extension)
GZGaza Strip
GZGreen Zone
GZGizeh (Egyptian automobile license plate)
GZGraf Zeppelin
GZGraetz Number
GZGeneration Z
GZGuantanamo to Panama Canal Zone (routing designation; US Navy)
GZGraphics Z-Buffer
GZVibrational Acceleration Along the Z-Axis
GZGroovyzone.org (web site/forum)
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Perhaps the most prominent green zone solar array sits atop the Hi-Lake Shopping Center, 2130 E Lake St.
The petition, filed by social worker Santosh Daundkar, seeks the cancellation of orders for the change of land use (CLU) of the said property, which is located in the green zone. The proposed memorial is also said to be in the violation of coastal regulatory rules.
The neighbourhood, known as the Green Zone, had been cordoned off by the US military in 2003 to protect it from bombings during the war.
"The main request of the supporters of the green zone is:" The peasants to go to the village so that we can have a parking lot in Sofia, "one of the protesters said.
Charge d'Affaires Julius Torres said the more than 200 Filipinos working in the Green Zone, including those at the US Embassy, are safe but were advised to follow the security protocols of their respective companies.
After the completion of the huge project, the report noted, American Embassy staff in Kabul "will no longer need to take a Chinook helicopter ride to cross the street to a military base less than 100 yards outside the present Green Zone security district."
Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has condemned the Green Zone breach and warned against chaos and strife as government forces seek to keep up momentum against Islamist militants.
The government imposed a curfew on Baghdad in response to the violence in the Green Zone, which houses parliament, government buildings and many foreign embassies.
The unrest kicked off minutes after cleric Moqtada al-Sadr wrapped a news conference in the holy Shiite city of Najaf during which he condemned the political deadlock, but did not order supporters to enter the Green Zone.
This is your last day in the Green Zone," according to AFP.
According to the draft-law, the founder of the industrial green zone can be the local self-government which, as an operator, is to have a public enterprise established within the municipality and the Government that will manage the zone through the Directorate for Technological Industrial Development Zones.
These complement the newly installed YMCA HA re-use banks, and now Cylch Wales Community Recycling Network whose members include FareShare Cymru and YMCA HA, have been tracking a can of tomatoes from a student kitchen, via a donation green zone in a hall of residence, through the FareShare Cymru depot and on to Foodbank Cardiff.