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GISPGIAC (Global Information Assurance Certification) Information Security Professional
GISPGlobal Invasive Species Programme
GISPGonococcal Isolate Surveillance Project
GISPGreenland Ice Sheet Project
GISPGeographic Information Systems Professional
GISPGoose Island State Park (Texas)
GISPGlobal and International Studies Program (various schools)
GISPGroup Independent Study Project
GISPGlobal Information Society Project
GISPGlobal Impact Studies Project
GISPGaming Internet Service Provider
GISPGartner Group Intranet Strategic Planning Model
GISPGlobal Idea System Professionals (Bangkok, Thailand)
GISPGodtager Ikke Slimede Piger (Calvin & Hobbes)
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effort, called the Greenland Ice Sheet Project 2 (GISP 2), involves a team of 50 researchers, drillers, and support staff who have spent their summers near the broad, featureless summit of the island's ice cap (SN: 9/14/91, p.
The scientists are part of an effort called the Greenland Ice Sheet Project 2 (GISP 2), which seeks to remove a 3-kilometer-long cylinder of ice from the thickest part of the ice sheet covering Greenland (SN: 9/14/91, p.168).
The new findings come out of the Greenland Ice Sheet Project (GRIP), an eight-nation European effort to drill straight through the thickest part of Greenland and collect ice cores containing climate clues (SN: 9/14/91, p.168).