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GHLGlobal Health Library (World Health Organization; Switzerland)
GHLGuardian Holdings Limited (Trinidad and Tobago)
GHLGuideline Harvest Level (commercial fishing)
GHLGreenland Halibut
GHLGrowth Hormone-Like (gene)
GHLGeneral Hunting License (Pennsylvania Game Commission; State Wildlife Management Agency; Pennsylvania)
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Population genetic structure in the North Atlantic Greenland halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides): influenced by oceanic current systems?
A 20% decrease in F on all targeted fish groups and pilot whales led to biomass increases for pilot whales, cod, saithe, Greenland halibut, blue whiting, and other deepwater fishes by 4-25%, relative to the constant F (status quo) scenario at [t.sub.200] (Figure 1A).
Inside the hut we ate Greenland halibut and drank hot tea.
Anchovy, European Arctic char Bass, striped Bluefish Carp Catfish, brown bullhead Catfish, channel Halibut, Greenland Halibut, Pacific Herring, Pacific Herring, round Mackerel, king Mullet, striped Pompano, Florida Salmon, Chinook Salmon, pink Trout, rainbow Tuna, albacore
The most significant quota reductions were for certain species caught in Greenland's waters, up to -90% for capelin, -65% for redfish, -46% for northern prawn, and from -44 to -100% (depending on the zone) for Greenland halibut. The status quo (TAC 0) will apply for cod, witch flounder, American plaice, yellowtail flounder and capelin in the majority of NAFO zones, and there will be a reduction of 18% for blue skate in this zone and 10% for skate in the North Sea and English Channel.
Additionally, there is evidence that Greenland halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides) may aggregate on the basis of sex in association with environmental factors, latitude, and depth (Gorchinsky, 1998).
There were also some smaller quotas, such as 270 tonnes of Greenland halibut off Norway, western Scotland, the Faroes and the North Sea.
Natural products--from fillets of the finest Greenland halibut to Alaskan Pollock portions
The sales effort for Euro-Baltic products as well as redfish, pollock and Greenland halibut is directed by German Seafrozen Fish Handelsgesellschaft mbh of Bremerhaven, a wholly owned subsidiary of Parlevliet & Van der Plas.
As the cod fishery vanished, it was replaced economically by rising fisheries for shrimp (Pandalus borealis) and Greenland halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides) (Hvingel, 1999a; Hamilton et al., 2000).