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GRIDSGay-Related Immune Deficiency Syndrome (original term for AIDS)
GRIDSGrid Research Integration Deployment and Support Center (software)
GRIDSGrowth Related Integrated Development Strategy (community growth development plan; Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)
GRIDSGeneric Runtime Infrastructure for Distributed Simulation
GRIDSGuidelines for Review and Internal Development in Schools (various locations)
GRIDSGeographic Resources Information and Data System
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To understand the ideal attributes of storage for grids, it is important to look at the way grid computing operates.
The main result of this paper is the proof that there always exists a through-vertex Hamiltonian path in grids consisting of triangles or tetrahedra, under very mild conditions.
In operation, grid computing software divides a computational job into multiple, smaller, discrete tasks that are then distributed to the various computing nodes on the grid.
This campus Grid will enable applications that were previously relegated to dedicated computer systems to run much faster on hundreds, and eventually thousands, of computers in various departments and campus computer labs.
a pioneer in global grid software solutions, has launched AVAKI 2.
Martin seems to finally accept the picture plane: she no longer tries to get under its (and our) skin, to needle her way into the surface as though inscribing the grid onto it, like a tattoo.
IBM's effort is the first commercial implementation of Grid Computing by a major industry player, and is seen as a validation both for the Grid concept and for Linux and Globus, an open-source project that has been developing software for Grids.
We believe the work of the GGF is vitally important to the adoption of grids in the business world," said Jikku Venkat, vice president of engineering for United Devices.