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GRIFFGriffin/Griffon/Griffawn/Griffene (half lion/half eagle creatures in Everquest)
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One club that struck a chord with him was Cardiff Dragons Dodgeball Club and it was to them that Griff awarded his Club Of The Year honour.
Later on, Griff also visits some diamond mine sites, explores an unusual train that has been converted into a hospital and takes a trip to an ostrich farm.
Along the way, Griff, pictured, stops to visit a cattle farm established by an aristocrat a century ago, where he helps to bathe more than 2,000 beasts.
The climate of the Kenyan highlands is pleasant enough for Griff to go for a run and he meets two young athletes, Ruth and Nancy.
Griff Rhys Jones |rides the rails to explore the African continent
In his new four-part series, Griff looks at the complexities and conflicts involved in looking after some of Wales' best-loved national treasures, including Plas Newydd in Anglesey and Tredegar House in Newport.
Griff and Son's Hometown Auto Repair was founded by long time Harrington resident James Griffiths.
Griff takes a look at the sizeable baggage train that the Queen took with her, tries out some Elizabethan forms of transport, and visits some of the stunning castles and stately homes she visited on her summertime journey.
For details about the Fender Center performance featuring the Griff Hamlin Band and the Circle City Horns, readers should visit Griff's website at http://www.
Griff, whose BBC1 show River Journeys starts on Sunday, claims anglers have too much power and too many waterways are private.
But when she finally flees the latest batterer with her 11-year-old daughter, Griff (Becca Gardner), there's no other refuge than Einar's gone-to-seed ranch.