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GAFBGriffiss Air Force Base (New York)
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Pope moved on from Okinawa to become a Reservist in a civil engineer squadron at the now-deactivated Griffiss Air Force Base near Rome, N.
In recent years, the site of the former Griffiss Air Force Base was successfully redeveloped to attract commercial and light industrial tenants.
In the mid-1960s, EE launched the Reliability Engineering Clearing Center Program that later became the Reliability Analysis Center at Griffiss Air Force Base.
The decision was made to fly the missions from Griffiss Air Force Base, near Rome, N.
When Elizabeth McAlister was arrested for civil disobedience in the Griffiss Plowshares action at Griffiss Air Force Base in Syracuse, New York, her children felt the effects.
I was lucky to get into the Griffiss Air Force Base housing on Wednesday before the concert to pick out rooms for my staff Dormitory housing that had been vacant since the base closed 5 years before would be used as living quarters.
Traffic had already begun to build around the two main gates leading to the former Griffiss Air Force Base in New York State when organisers agreed to let concert-goers in on Thursday to set up their tents.
Where: Former Griffiss Air Force base, Rome, New York, USA
As the anchor of the booming Griffiss Business & Technology Park - formerly Griffiss Air Force Base - Rome Lab employs 1,000 people, generates an additional 700 jobs throughout the county in contracting work, and provides a powerful economic development engine to Oneida County.
The air traffic from Griffiss Air Force Base during late 1990 and early 1991 was extremely heavy, with air transports and deployment of fighter and bomber squadrons a daily occurrence.
The Wright Laboratory, Electronic Technology Directorate, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and the Rome Laboratory, Reliability and Surveillance Directorates, Griffiss Air Force Base manage the Air Force MMIC program and conduct joint in-house research and development efforts concerning affordable and reliable MMIC chips and components.
The new Rome Laboratory, headquartered at Griffiss Air Force Base, NY, will include Rome Air Development Center branches at Griffiss and Hanscom Air Force Base, MA.
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