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GGGood Game
GGGotta Go
GGGirls' Generation (band)
GGGadu-Gadu (Polish messenger application)
GGGovernor General
GGGossip Girl (book series)
GGGet Good (gaming clan)
GGGuernsey (country code, top level domain)
GGGuilty Gear (game)
GGGame Gear (Sega)
GGGilmore Girls (TV show)
GGGrundgesetz (German constitution)
GGGreat Game
GGGolden Globe
GGGreat Grandma
GGGun Game (Counter-Strike: Source map type mod)
GGGood Girl
GGGeology and Geophysics (various universities)
GGGo Girl
GGGame Genie
GGGarden Grove (California)
GGGoogle Groups
GGGreen Gas
GGGo Green
GGGadugadu (Indonesian cuisine)
GGGood God
GGGood Grief
GGGefahrgut (German: Hazardous Material)
GGGood Games (gaming community)
GGGood Governance
GGGungrave (anime)
GGGlenn Gould (Canadian pianist; 1932-1982)
GGGood Going
GGGuar Gum (polymer)
GGGirly Girl
GGGraduate Gemologist
GGGrandes Gueules (French)
GGGirl Guides
GGGary Gulman (comedian)
GGGlobal Gathering
GGGewerbegebiet (German: trade area)
GGGeneral Grievous (Star Wars)
GGGatling Gun
GGGolden Gloves (boxing)
GGG-Gundam (Anime)
GGGoodness Gracious
GGGenetic Girl (as differentiated from transgendered individual)
GGGas Generator
GGGrenadier Guards
GGGoofy Goober
GGGamma Globulin
GGGreat Genius
GGGrill/Griddle (restaurant term)
GGGame Girl (game)
GGGarage Games
GGGreat Grandad
GGEditorial Gustavo Gili (publisher; Spain)
GGGartner Group
GGGreat Goddess
GGGolden Grahams (cereal)
GGGrim Grotto (Lemony Snicket)
GGGravity Gradient
GGGraphics Generator
GGGeneric Goal (Capability Maturity Model Integration)
GGGeneral Guy (video game character)
GGGender Girl
GGGreat Gross (Old English for 12 gross)
GGGeometric Goppa
GGGeen Gehoor (Dutch: No Answer)
GGGovernment Grade
GGGidget Gein (artist/musician)
GGGalunggong (scad fish)
GGGiga-Gram (10 billion grams)
GGGateway to Gateway protocol
GGGladsaxe Gymnasium (Copenhagen, Denmark high school)
GGGlock Group (Newgrounds group)
GGGalgaduud (postal region, Somalia)
GGGamma Glutamine
GGAir Guyane - French Guiana (IATA airline code)
GGGamna Gandy (iron-containing foci in spleen histopathology; also seen as Gandy Gamna bodies)
GGGalloping Governors (Toastmasters)
GGGoeverneur-Generaal (Dutch East-Indies)
GGGuru Gathering
GGGrupului de Gen (Romanian: Gender Task Force)
GGGorgonian Grotto (Lemony Snicket)
GGGod's Greetings
GGGutton Glock (Austrian gun manufacturer)
GGGitter and Glial Cells (neurohistopathology)
GGGule Grønnsaker
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This 10x5 trailer model includes all basic equipment like grill/griddle, deep fry, oven, refrigerator and 4 bay sink.
The initial assortment features seven shapes and sizes that includes fry pans, Dutch ovens, a casserole/braiser and a reversible grill/griddle.
The Panini Press and Open Grill/Griddle is a 3-in-l appliance that provides a variety of healthy cooking options.
A cast-iron grill/griddle like the one made by Camp Chef ($63) is a two-for one deal.
Rodgers also cited the Griddler, part of Cuisinart's griddler and grill/griddle collection.
Other brand additions include a nonstick grill/griddle, a supplement pan for breakfast and, for the fall season, a new oval roaster.
The collection includes a blender, hand mixer, panini maker, reversible grill/griddle, fondue maker, popcorn popper, salad spinner, microwave, and food processor.
Other combination grills have been successful in the past and some of the newer models, such as Cuisinart's Griddler and Grill/Griddle, introduced at last year's Housewares Show, have the potential to do well, said Glenn Cunningham, who was interviewed last year when he was still Amazon.
Cuisinart set up its new countertop grill/griddle at Cavendish stonework for Beth Leviss to turn out shrimp and lamb chops, and the griddler next door at Haifa for executive chef Fabrizio Bottero.
The collection is a coordinated set featuring a slow cooker, Griddler, grill/griddle, rice cooker, skillet, fondue set and a new version of an ice-cream maker, all in stainless steel with chrome-plated handles.