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Thugs intent on intimidating witnesses must be grinning ear to ear.
Warm and gregarious, he is always on, talking fast and loud, grinning ear to ear, and gesturing perpetually with his hands and arms - a trait he picked up while learning his clown trade.
When I arrived in New Brunswick to hunt, Mike walked into my hotel room grinning ear to ear.
Net execs were grinning ear to ear following the crucial court hearing Sept.
But he was soon grinning ear to ear and forgot the cuffs of his traditional black tailcoat were nearly covering his hands and his striped trousers almost trailing the ground.
When he literally pranced back from the firing line, finished target in hand and grinning ear to ear, I knew something very good was about to happen.
You're soon grinning ear to ear as the mighty sound and big harmonies try and go over, under and right through you.
Cardiff boss Lennie Lawrence was left grinning ear to ear after chucking in four players for their first start of the season.