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With the Vietnam War raging, Johnson enlisted in the Air Force in 1971 and was sent to Grissom Air Force Base in rural Indiana, where he was the only obstetrician.
I recall once at Grissom Air Force Base, Ind., as the door to our C-12 transport closed for the trip home, one member of our traveling staff discovered that he neglected to pay for dinner the previous night.
The property, Estates at Eagle's Pointe, consists of 1,123 one-family and attached two-family homes and is a private redevelopment of the former military housing associated with Grissom Air Force Base. The loan has a one-year term with no prepayment penalties.
About two years after Grissom Air Force Base closed in 1994, the Grissom Redevelopment Authority got control of some 3,000 acres outside of Peru.
However, it is likely that the county's population bottomed out mid-decade (its 1995 estimate was 32,400) after the restructuring of Grissom Air Force Base and that the county's population has rebounded since 1995, almost to its 1990 level.
The area's biggest challenge these days is dealing with the almost-vacant Grissom Air Force Base in Miami County.
reports several positives that help offset the closing of Grissom Air Force Base and three other industrial losses.
The biggest challenge is in Miami County, saddled with the scheduled deactivation this fall of its largest employer, Grissom Air Force Base.
Grider admits the community has been challenged by the impending deactivation of Grissom Air Force Base, located in the southwest quadrant of the county.
The community is bracing itself for the loss of active-duty personnel at Grissom Air Force Base. A three-member Grissom Redevelopment Authority has been appointed and the area has been designated an enterprise zone, which will allow a variety of tax breaks and other incentives.
Grissom Air Force Base is becoming an enterprise zone.