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The media tells us that a recession is two consecutive quarters of decline in inflation-adjusted gross domestic output (real GDP).
Canada plunged into its first recession in almost a decade, and the drop in gross domestic output between August and September was the worst since 1986.
1 billion--world real gross domestic output increased twenty to forty times, so that the world could not only sustain a fourfold population increase but raise standards of living substantially.
Further he said he anticipates a long-term decline in the gross domestic output of the impacted areas of $160bn - even if all the federal aid arrived on time, which he doubts, too.
3% of gross domestic output, and in 2015 Prime Minister Boyko Borisov said the share could not go up due to fiscal restrictions.
The BEA will also begin publishing the Gross Domestic Output (GDO) next month, which is the average of the GDP and GDI (Gross Domestic Income).
In it, the bank said that gross domestic output would shrink 1.
In a mere 15 years, its export share multiplied an astonishing 70 times, to 7 percent of gross domestic output.
The BPO sector accounts for roughly 4% of gross domestic output.
But for private consumption, which accounts for 60% of Japan's gross domestic output, the BOJ repeated its March view in the April report that recovery in that area ''continues to be weak through lack of notable improvements in employment and income conditions.
EU member states are so far unable to agree on adopting quotas tied to their population and their gross domestic output.
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