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All three of the other methods for developing a capitalization rate for direct capitalization--band of investment using land and building ratios, derivation from an effective gross income multiplier and a net income ratio, and the debt coverage ratio model-have the same problems.
3% 52 Implied value/unit $159,500 53 Implied effective gross income multiplier 8.
The gross income multiplier is inappropriately viewed as an element of the sales comparison approach by the CBOE.
Appraisers who attempt to derive and apply gross income multipliers for valuation purposes must be careful for several reasons.
For example, the low end of gross income multipliers is four, so the city takes $1 of rent and multiplies it by four to get $4.
This is the principle behind valuation by means of the gross income multiplier (GIM).
Gray, "The Relevance and Application of the Gross Income Multiplier," The Appraisal Journal (April 1994): 206.
Converting gross individual billboard revenues via a gross income multiplier (GIM) to billboard value ignores entrepreneurship or the going-concern business component, which is intangible but real and therefore may not be legally compensable.
Nonstandardized billboards are generally owned by advertisers and do not generate the outside business income necessary for the gross income multiplier technique to be used.
If external obsolescence becomes present in a property where it did not previously exist, then one would expect that probably vacancy rates could rise, gross income multipliers diminish, interest rates rise, and loan-to-value ratios rise.
0~s from comparable sales and GIMs through a simple dissection of the overall cap rate and gross income multiplier formulas.