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On current policies, and based on the authorities' ambitious external financing plans, gross international reserves are expected to further weaken to $12.
8 per cent of GDP, with gross international reserves further declining in a context of limited exchange rate flexibility.
In a statement, the BSP said that its gross international reserves (GIR) level stood at $80.
The country, he added, has enough buffer with the gross international reserves (GIR) hitting $81.
The BSP's NFA position declined during the month, reflecting the decrease in gross international reserves.
As a result, gross international reserves stood at USD 1,106.
The most recent International Monetary Fund (IMF) report indicated that Sudan's gross international reserves remained very low in 2017 ($1.
Bahrain's gross international reserves are low and have become more volatile throughout the year, temporarily falling as low as 30 per cent of the monetary base during the third quarter of 2017.
In a statement, the central bank said, 'The BSP may hold RMB as part of its Gross International Reserves to ensure that the said currency is available to the banking system when needed.
Gross international reserves of Kazakh National Bank increased by 17 percent to $28.
He said the gross international reserves had declined to US $2.
In terms of percentage of private sector deposits, the gross international reserves have been declining gradually, from 86 percent by the end of 2006 to only 54 percent by June 2013, because of rapidly rising deposits of the private sector.