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Once we know your gross profit percentage, and once we know your fixed expenses, we can start to understand breakeven sales.
Your installment income for each asset is the gross profit percentage for that asset times $49,300, the installment income received in year 1.
Gross profit percentage increases to 22.5 percent from 16.3 percent in the prior-year quarter
In many studies, the average of gross profit percentage (Gross Profit = Sales - Cost of Sales) has been used as the measure of profitability; a similar profitability measure, return on sales, was used in a strategic study of the North American wood building products industry (Cohen and Sinclair 1992).
Furthermore, the deferred gain would be recognized into income as cash is received using the original 60% gross profit percentage. While this appears to be a possible solution to the liquidation example, there could be many tax or nontax reasons why this approach would not work (a sale of stock subject to a Sec.
It resulted in a levy yield in the range pounds 152-pounds 186m (or 15-19 per cent as a gross profit percentage), if the bookmakers had to negotiate with racing on the current basis, or pounds 177-pounds 225m (18-23 per cent in gross profit terms), if negotiations were extended to all betting shop products, including FOBTs and virtual reality racing, as the BHA would like.
In comparison to the fourth quarter of 2006, the increase in gross profit percentage reflects operating efficiency improvements.
The company says the furniture and cabinet segment's gross profit percentage increased, while the electronic contract assemblies segment's gross profit percentage decreased from the prior year.
* The material decrease during the past year from the historic gross profit percentage.
Gross profit percentage for first quarter of fiscal 2005 declined to 21.3% as compared to 24.9% for the first quarter of fiscal 2004.
For instance if your total overhead for the year is $500,000, and your gross profit percentage is 30%, you need to sell $1.66 million to break even.