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GRTGood Rockin' Tonight
GRTGross Register Tonnage (cargo measurement; shipping)
GRTGlimcher Realty Trust
GRTGene Replacement Therapy
GRTGoruck Tough (team activity)
GRTGrand River Transit (Waterloo, Canada)
GRTGroup Randomized Trial (clinical trial)
GRTGeneral Relativity Theory
GRTGross Receipt Tax
GRTGypsy, Roma and Traveller
GRTGlobal Relief Technologies (Portsmouth, NH)
GRTGroup Rapid Transit
GRTGrand Rapids Technologies (avionic instrument company)
GRTGruppo per le Relazioni Transculturali
GRTGestionnaires de Réseau de Transport (French)
GRTGround Resonance Testing
GRTGermanium Resistance Thermometer
GRTGeneric Real Time
GRTGranular Restore Technology (Symantec Inc.)
GRTGovernment Rate Tender
GRTGround Receive Terminal
GRTGravity Race Tour (cycling)
GRTGold Rush Trail
GRTGround Readiness Test
GRTGross Registered Tonnage/Tons
GRTGround Radio Transmitter
GRTGeneral Range Types (forestry)
GRTGeneral Radiologic Technologist
GRTGeneral Reactor Technology
GRTGovernor Response Tester
GRTGross Requirement Tape
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If built to her planned specifications, the QM2 will be the longest and largest (in terms of gross register tonnage) cruise liner ever, but not the widest.
Gross tonnage, also called "gross register tonnage" or "gross weight," is actually a measure of a ship's storage capacity in cubic feet.
The changes to Pilbara Ports Authority's fees would be limited to a 17 per cent increase in shipping fees levied on a vessel's gross register tonnage at the ports of Dampier and Port Hedland only.