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GRMGross Rent Multiplier
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In this case, the units of comparison could be a gross rent multiplier and price per square foot of gross building area.
Accordingly, the duplex formula was expanded so that gross rent multipliers could be calculated independently for the primary and accessory units:
Several methods can be used, including gross rent multiplier analysis, paired sales analysis, and surveys.
For example, the income approach as developed on the current uniform Fannie Mae residential appraisal form requests the input of a GRM or gross rent multiplier that is derived via the ratio of market values to market rents (market value/market rent = GRM).
Gross rent multiplier analysis is a ratio tool that can be used in residential properties.
Discussions with various participants in the billboard industry indicate that they purchased structures based on a multiple of the gross rent, or the gross rent multiplier (GRM).
The loss can also be measured by applying the sales comparison approach matched-pair technique, a gross income multiplier, or a gross rent multiplier for a residential property.
The sales price equates to a gross rent multiplier (GRM) of 16X RR, capitalization rate of 3.
At the time, that transaction set Prospect Lefferts Gardens records for gross rent multiplier, price per unit and price per square foot.