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GTOWGross Takeoff Weight
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Although both the Columbia 300 and earlier SR22s have identical empty and maximum gross takeoff weights, according to the Aircraft Bluebook the 300 gives up 150 pounds in full-fuel payload to the SR22, because its tanks are larger.
An aircraft with a gross takeoff weight exceeding 12,500 pounds is considered a "large" aircraft according to [section] 61.31.
Honda Aircraft's HA-420 HondaJet is a turbojet, so despite a gross takeoff weight of less than 12,500 pounds, a type rating is required.
The aircraft features increased capacity landing gear supporting the 3,750 MGTOW (max gross takeoff weight).
From then it will be throttled back to maintain maximum acceleration at 3 gs or less." With a planned dry weight of 104,000 pounds, and a gross takeoff weight of 1.28 million pounds, the DC-Y has an extremely high mass fraction compared to similar midsize boosters.
Since the airplane's actual weight wasn't known, we estimated it at 3469 pounds, 131 pounds below a standard A36's 3600-pound maximum gross takeoff weight. We came up with that number based on a representative A36's empty weight, five 170-pound occupants, 214 pounds of fuel and 50 pounds of luggage.
With the new engine (and lighter avionics), Cirrus was able to change the maximum gross takeoff weight to 3150 pounds--an increase of 100 pounds from the old airplane.
in length with a gross takeoff weight of 8000 pounds.
Presume you're flying a Beech A36 Bonanza with a 3600-pound maximum gross takeoff weight and a published design maneuvering speed of 141 KIAS.