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GFCFGluten Free, Casein Free (diet)
GFCFGross Fixed Capital Formation (macroeconomic concept)
GFCFGreater Fostoria Community Foundation (Fostoria, OH)
GFCFGaseous Fuel Correction Factor
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The economy will feel the effect of the intermediation activities of insurance companies more positively when the savings/premiums mobilized are channeled to various investments that can translate into growth in Gross fixed capital formation in the economy.
This change reflects our expectation that net exports will become a growing burden on headline growth and that gross fixed capital formation, while benefitting from robust infrastructure expansion, will struggle in the face of sluggish oil output growth.
Economic development is proxied by gross domestic product (GDP) and gross fixed capital formation (GFCF).
Gross fixed capital formation data have been prepared according to the European System of Accounts 2010 (ESA 2010).
Investment as measured by gross fixed capital formation dropped 1.
This survey provides statistics on the number of institutions operating in financial intermediation, the number of employees and their compensations, output value, intermediate consumption, gross value added with its various components, and the gross fixed capital formation of the financial sector.
The second part comprises tables specific to countries or areas, presenting statistics on the number of manufacturing establishments, the number of employees, wages and salaries paid to employees, output, value added, gross fixed capital formation, and index numbers of industrial production.
The tables in Part 2 list the number of establishments producing the good, number of persons engaged, wages and salaries, output, value added, and gross fixed capital formation for a list of manufactured goods, given in that country's currency.
Total expenditures in the Saudi construction sector, as measured by the level of gross fixed capital formation is estimated to have risen by 5.
He said that as per economic survey 2009-10, Gross Fixed Capital Formation (GFCF) has declined by 0.
The indicator business investment is defined as the gross fixed capital formation by the private sector as a percentage of GDP.
Underlying the increase in growth were strengthening gross fixed capital formation and surging exports.