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F2 is positively loaded with ground elevation, hydraulic head, hydraulic conductivity, and discharge; clarifying the hydrogeological characteristics of the aquifer system included together in one factor.
From a 3500-foot cruising altitude (ground elevation was approximately 750 feet), I reduced power to about 22 inches, letting the SR22 stabilize itself.
The boreholes with ground elevation higher than 20m were also excluded.
Unable to expand the Center horizontally due to the location of surrounding campus buildings and changes in ground elevation, the team decided that the new campus center would occupy its existing site and that only a portion of the existing facility would remain.
I scrambled with a chart that still was largely unfamiliar to me and tried to discern what the ground elevation was under our jet.
Here the ground elevation is lower and there is little or no traffic.
From the output file, items such as ground elevation, water-surface elevation, water depth, and velocity can easily be contoured and displayed.
Several authors have described examples of bottomland vegetation, attempting to characterize an apparent zonation of tree species caused by slight changes in ground elevation and concomitant hydroperiod (e.g., Penfound and Hathaway, 1938; Penfound, 1952; Shelford, 1954; Hosner and Minkler, 1963; Bell, 1974; Bell and del Moral, 1977; Nixon et al., 1977; Hupp, 1982, 1983; Hupp and Osterkamp, 1985; White, 1983.
A rebuild of the damaged buildings will have to take into account new codes and standards, from a requirement for fire sprinklers to a higher ground elevation for a flood plain mapped by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Peterson said.
The ground elevation of the geographic center of the airport.
The steel siding/roofing comes in any length you need, and they will cut it to fit lengthwise if the ground elevation is not constant.
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