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GLOCGiga Lines of Code
GLOCGravity-Induced Loss of Consciousness (also seen as G-LOC)
GLOCGround Lines of Communication
GLOCGrupul de Lucru Al Organizatiilor Civice (Romanian: Civic Organizations Working Group)
GLOCGuardian Life of the Caribbean Limited
GLOCGeographic Location
GLOCGlasgow Light Opera Club (UK)
GLOCGet the Lead Out Coalition (Rhode Island)
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"During periods of reduced ground lines of communication availability in the arduous environment of the Salang Tunnel, we were able to consume pre-positioned strategic stocks to ensure optimum fuel support throughout the CJOA-A," Lt.
"Pakistan did not close the Ground Lines of Communication for NATO supply to Afghanistan for financial benefit, therefore, these lines have been restored without any financial benefit," said the spokesman.
For future operations, the 595th will continue OIF and OEF deployments and redeployments, expanding the Port of Umm Qasr, Iraq, operations, expanding Iraq's Ground Lines of Communication with Jordan and Turkey, and providing enhanced ITV on the Pakistan GLOC.
MG Fletcher's leadership was paramount in expanding and improving the ground lines of communication to both Iraq and Afghanistan.
This process also enables logistics resupply in a noncontiguous operation that cannot be supported by ground lines of communication.
The spokesperson said that Pakistan has been facilitating the US-led mission in Afghanistan through air and ground lines of communication for the last sixteen years.
Defense Minister Khurram Dastagir had earlier this week in his speech at the Institute of Strategic Studies said that Pakistan enjoyed several leverages including the Ground Lines of Communication and Air Lines of Communication and Pakistan would use them at an appropriate time.
He pointed out that Pakistan had been facilitating the US led mission in Afghanistan through air and ground lines of communication for the last sixteen years.
Responding to a question, the FO spokesperson said that bothPakistanand the US continue to communicate with each other on various issues of mutual interests at different levels.He pointed out thatPakistanhas been facilitating the US-led mission inAfghanistanthrough air and ground lines of communication for the last16 years.
Referring to crucial supply lines for US military in Afghanistan, the NYT warned that Pakistan could shut Ground Lines of Communication as it did in 2011 after attack on a post at Afghan border.
We had another contractor that picked it up and moved it through the Pakistan ground lines of communication. We had a third contractor who watched the activities of the other two.
"Continuing challenges with our ground lines of communication in Pakistan are but one example of the need to gain certainty now regarding our post-2014 presence," said the secretary, flanked by Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen.