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GSHPSGround Source Heat Pump Systems
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Cost for installation of radiators is not included as that is not specific for the ground source heat pump system. The total cost per kWh for the ground source heat pump system, [], is given by (Eq.
First realization of a large ground source heat pump system with vertical borehole heat exchangers for a Belgian office building.
"Our sales rep suggested we try the D20x22FX Series II flex-angle drill, a model that Vermeer developed specifically for installing ground source heat pump systems. The drill has a lot of things going for it that other conventional well drills don't, like the capability to drill horizontally, vertically, or for that matter, any angle in between.
Modelling and experimental performance analysis of solar-assisted ground source heat pump system. Journal of Experimental & Theoretical Artificial Intelligence 29(1):1-19.
Primarily directed at homeowners who first wish to learn about ground source heat pump systems and to then implement them on their property, this book proceeds logically through the considerations that are likely to arise.
"Ground source heat pump systems finally are mainstream and are capturing a growing share of the market."
Ground source heat pump systems can reduce energy consumption and C[O.sub.2] emissions related to the heating, cooling and hot water supply system of buildings.
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Today, there are contractors who specialize in geothermal systems, and some heating and cooling contractors have established specialized divisions to sell and install ground source heat pump systems.
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