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Infostellar is a satellite communications infrastructure provider developing a quick and flexible ground station network called StellarStation.
Amazon and Lockheed are hoping to lessen that load by operating a global ground station network of their own and renting it out to organizations of all sorts.
And, Lockheed Martin Verge customers benefit from being able to upload satellite commands and data through AWS Ground Station and to quickly download large amounts of data over the high-speed AWS Ground Station network. Both Lockheed Martin Verge and AWS Ground Station customers can now integrate satellite data with the rich portfolio of AWS services, including compute, storage, analytics, and machine learning.
NASA's Deep Space Network supports ESA's Ground Station Network for spacecraft tracking and navigation.
Satellite ground station network includes fully integrated, cost-effective and automatic ground stations to enable worldwide real-time satellite operations.
It was decided to maintain the spacecraft in operation using NASA's 70 m-diameter ground station network allocated on a 'spare-capacity' basis.
As part of the 30-month long process, the existing European Ceostationary Navigation Overlay System (EGNOS) ground infrastructure (implemented on a 30 ground station network) will be used to collect existing satellite data, evaluate currently available performance and extrapolate what will be the ultimate performance of the Galileo system.
However, it must be noted that the data broadcast by the satellite are applicable to users in regions that have a corresponding ground station network. The ground station network would be operated by the service provider (e.g., civil aviation administration), whereas INMARSAT is responsible for the space segment.
The NEN is currently augmenting its ground station network to provide communication services for future spacecraft.
Companies can also test their product's performance with the simulated MUOS ground station network at the same facility.
FlightAware s new MLAT technology leverages its extensive ground station network of receivers to provide real-time flight positions for business aviation aircraft that are not ADS-B equipped, even where RADAR data is not available.
A multi-protocol ground station network, which implements both the low-performance frequencies, VHF-UHF, and S-band and X-band, allowing an easy switching to the band needed for communicating with all the satellites in orbit.