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The maximum ratio of spectral velocity to peak ground velocity (S[V.
2]) Remarks: PGA: Peak Ground Acceleration, CAV: Cumulative Absolute Velocity, PGV: Peak Ground Velocity, [I.
Bell says the ground velocity sensor, which was developed as a standalone software upgrade to the CMC CMA-5025 GPS receiver, is not dependent on satellite-provided GPS augmentation and is therefore usable worldwide.
Summarizing the approaches in experimental material preparation parameters necessary for fulfilling of essential intention of the present paper were specified which are as follows: maximum ground velocity [u.
Modification of Eqs 3 and 4 applied in process of experimental data assessment enables us to investigate the dependence ground velocity vs.
Experimental measurement of seismic effects of mining induced seismic events on surface objects in Karvina region in years 1999-2003 shows that ground velocity of the most intensive tremors exceeds value of 10 mm.
The measurement is taken on so called reference point of object, which is generally a base of building fast connected with underlying rock, and the values of ground velocity is recorded (the values of acceleration or the values of displacement can be obtain by mathematical recalculation).