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GWQGround Water Quality
GWQGreat West Quarter (London, UK)
GWQGoldmann-Witmer Quotient
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After understanding the relationships of important parameters of ground water quality, predicted distribution maps of TDS, pH and total hardness were formed by using kriging interpolation method in Arc GIS software.
The present study focused on the assessment of ground water quality in Sargodha city.
Hence it is essential for the evaluation of ground water quality around the mines.
Installation of private tubewells in the area under study must be site specific, keeping in view the ground water quality data.
Seepage from unlined sewage and industrial wastewater channel causes a great threat to ground water quality (Bashir et al.
In addition, irrigation return flow also plays a major role in controlling ground water quality in the Nagapattinam district.
Study of ground water quality is an essential parameter for healthy population of Quaid-e-Azam industrial estate (Kot Lakhpat Area).
In order to monitor the pollution status of rural and backward area of Marathwada and as a part of ongoing research in the relevant field [1, 2], we decided to study the assessment study of ground water quality of this area.
au will delight players keen to treat the soil and save ground water quality before the polluted “gnasty gnomes” parachute to the ground.
Among specific topics are the environmental assessment of using stone quarries as part of an integrative water supply system in fast growing urban regions, using riverbank filtration to mitigate impacts of urban stormwater and polluted river water on ground water quality, a comparative assessment of two standard septic tank drain fields using different sands with recirculation for nutrient removal, and environmental effects of pervious pavement as a low-impact development installation in urban regions.
Environmental and health hazards related to the disposal of untreated effluent, marine pollution, and deteriorating ground water quality are some of the issues that are keeping market prospects alive.
There is a need for continual monitoring of ground water to evaluate the long-term effects of waste disposal on water quality and to provide a background and database for ascertaining environmental impacts on surface and ground water quality of potential future sites from sewage sludge disposal (Tindall et al.