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Review of the CT scan showed ground-glass opacification, mild subpleural honeycombing, reticularity, and traction bronchiectasis bilaterally at the lung bases.
A thoracic CT revealed ground-glass opacification throughout both lungs.
The disease may mimic Pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia with bilateral ground-glass opacification and reticulonodular infiltrate.
Other patterns include consolidation, ground-glass opacification, lymphadenopathy and pleural effusions, all of which are features of either TB or P.
Areas of air-space opacification, either consolidation or ground-glass opacification, are also common, occurring in 50% of patients.
Ground-glass opacification, although non-specific, is generally the most extensive pattern seen during the acute stages of ARDS denoting filling of the interstitium and alveoli with both oedema and inflammatory fluid (15).
Common CT findings are ground-glass opacification and a lower lobe and peripheral distribution (35).
The chest x-ray was normal; however, a chest computed tomography (CT) scan performed 2 weeks after the initial film due to symptom exacerbation showed diffuse bilateral ground-glass opacification within the lung parenchyma (FIGURE 1).
A high-resolution computed tomography scan showed characteristic areas of patchy ground-glass opacifications with interlobular septal thickening and intralobular reticular thickening (Figure-2).
Diffuse bilateral patchy or ground-glass opacifications are noted in 50-70% of patients with HP (23).