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The series include low-pass, high-pass, band-reject and bandpass filters, and can also be used as delay lines, with desirable control of group delay distortion. Trilithic Inc.
The model development of residual BER focuses primarily on the source's phase noise and the power amplifier AM/PM distortion, These key components usually represent the greater part of the residual error budget and are often responsible for the vast majority of the cost of the radio, There are other secondary contributors to the error floor, including group delay distortion or inter symbol interference (ISI).
In most cases group delay distortion is not a significant factor largely because of the tremendous power of modern digital equalizers.
These functions range from communications to radar, as evidenced by requirements for low phase noise, low group delay distortion, wide instantaneous bandwidths (0.5 to 2 GHz are common) and fast tuning speed in one tuner.
A non-linear phase response will cause group delay distortion, introducing data-dependent jitter or intersymbol interference into the data stream.
Group delay distortion also may be introduced into the FFA system because the varactors resonate to change their phase.
The vector attenuator displays negligible group delay distortion and virtually no change in absolute delay with changes in control inputs.
The effect of group delay distortion on a quadrature phase-shift keying (QPSK) digital transceiver is considered.
Also incorporated into the design are multisection group delay equalizers that minimize the effects of group delay distortion.
The IF filter for both systems is required to have 200 kHz of band-width, low insertion loss and low group delay distortion. A new low loss filter design technique has been applied to address the requirements of this rapidly developing market.