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GKMGugus Kendali Mutu (Indonesian: Quality Control group; Indonesia)
GKMGroup Key Management (group communications)
GKMGlobal Keywords Manager (software)
GKMGeneral Knowledge Model (Knowledge Management Forum)
GKMGerard Klauer Mattison and Co. (New York, NY)
GKMGlobal Knowledge Management, Inc.
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To overcome the disadvantages of the existing schemes, contributory group key management scheme was proposed.
In last decades, group key management had received much attention and was always a research focus.
In [24], layered group key management scheme was illustrated; this scheme had the capabilities to counter the forward secrecy and the backward secrecy and has the capabilities to work for mobile multihop WiMAX networks.
Vehicular ad hoc network has the characteristics such that members can freely join in and leave the group; so group key management is a major issue and has been a fundamental block in the scheme.
It provides scalable group key management for large groups using symmetric encryption such as advanced encryption standard (AES) and hierarchical logical key tree.
Plattner, "The versa key framework: Versatile group key management," IEEE J.
Topics include characterizing document types to evaluate web cache replacement policies, utility-based bandwidth allocation for triple play services, safety message dissemination in vehicular ad hoc networks, and the efficiency of periodic rekeying in dynamic group key management. No subject index is provided.
A region-based group key management protocol (Balasubramanian, 2005) to improve the system performance for group key generation and distribution for GCSs in MANETs is considered.
In sensor based MANETs, Group key management is efficient approach for user rights.
In this paper, we focus on the important component of any secure multicast architecture over wired networks is "group key management".
Many schemes [1, 3-9, 11-13, 16-18] address group key management to reduce the number of the rekeying messages.
Group key management is a challenging problem that has been considered as a vital issue in wireless sensor networks.
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