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GDSSGroup Decision Support System
GDSSGlobal Decision Support System
GDSSGender & Development Seminar Series
GDSSGlobal Defense Support System
GDSSGround Defense Subsector Status Product (WCCS)
GDSSGood Day Sunshine
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There are many advantages in using a Group Decision Support System for many types of meetings:
The decision support systems in the TMSS may include individual DSS, group decision support systems, distributed decision making systems, and organizational DSS in each operating country.
Advantages of Using a Group Decision Support System
How often do most of use manage meetings that a group decision support system could facilitate, or embark on coauthorship projects?
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In 2010, the several main topics/most used terms identified by the databases were: "decision support", "decision support systems", "DS", "decision making", "expert systems", "group decision support systems", "health care", "neural networks", "supply chain".
In a memo dated July 31, the carrir stated that the new piece concept is loaded in all GDSs (Group Decision Support Systems) and it will automatically reflect on passenger tickets.