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When the group of 19 adults, who are from outside the area, failed to meet their bus at Langleeford near Wooler as arranged, the alarm was raised.
The preparatory WALKs gave the group of 19 the chance to get to Know each other and get ready physically and mentally for the difficulties of the Sahara TREK.
Sherborne Qatar senior school has welcomed a group of 19 teachers recruited from the UK.
The group of 19 pupils and two teachers went to Helsinki in Finland for the Superschools sports tournament and finished third overall.
A group of 19 North Korean defectors being held in China will arrive in South Korea as early as this month, Yonhap News Agency reported Friday, citing a diplomatic source.
A SELECT group of 19 yearlings come under the hammer next Thursday in a new instalment of the sale, writes Martin Stevens.
The group of 19 youngsters were then ready to hit the road for a day-and-a-half of intense lessons.
The group of 19, which included Tunisians and Libyans, "had used Egypt as a transit point from which they would travel to other countries, including Iraq, to join a group called the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI)," Adly told Al-Ahram.
The three stars were among 20 graduates from the second-tier circuit's order of merit while Saltman brothers, Lloyd and Elliot, were included in a group of 19 Challenge Tour campaigners who gained a ticket for the main circuit at the qualifying school final.
Sir William Ehrman said: "Of the group of 19 British tourists that were missing in the Wolong area, 14 have now been evacuated to Chengdu where they are safe and well.
A group of 19 suppliers in the narrow and wide web converting industries has formed an alliance called Flexo4all, which will meet for the first time at Drupa 2008 in Germany.
They were among a group of 19 attempting to cross between North and South Stack lighthouses.