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"An expanded network, generating more journeys and carrying more passengers will help grow our local economy, making travel greener, offer better connectivity to opportunities and making it easier to travel around our region and enjoy its great leisure attractions."
"It's important that we support businesses in order to grow our local economy and being a business owner myself I can understand both the opportunities and day to day challenges of running a business.
"I am quite prepared to work with the Scottish Government on shared priorities such as education, health and building affordable homes, but that can only be done with a fair budget which allows North Lanarkshire to continue to grow our local economy to tackle poverty and inequality."
PS250,000 from a Scottish Government budget that was already allocated isn't anywhere near enough to grow our local economy.
The only way to have long term sustained success here is to grow our local economy and I look forward to working with all local officials, as a team to get this done.
Our administration's ambition is to grow our local economy to tackle poverty and inequality.
My message to the SNP at Renfrewshire Council is this - reverse these damaging parking hikes now and start working with businesses to help grow our local economy.
Provide support to the digital service, Business intelligence, Customer service and departmental service teams in the planning, Design and implementation of google analytics and other supporting digital analytics which supports digital by choice and the digital strategy principles as follows;a) a stronger economy and communities we strengthen communities and grow our local economy by improving skills, Jobs, Investment and infrastructureb) easy to use customer focused services we will manage demand through delivering easy to use 24/7 digital services which help people to do things for themselvesc) better ways of working we pursue better ways of working internally and with partners to deliver simpler, Joined up services which respond to customer need
"Our 'Take Your congressman to Work Day' program is a fun way to highlight the great work Southern Illinois' job creators like Walmart are doing to grow our local economy," said Rep.
Chair of Tees Valley Combined Authority Transport Committee Bill Dixon said: "Tees Valley has an ambitious Strategic Economic Plan to grow our local economy. An important part of this plan is to build on, and improve, our current transport system.
"It's these businesses that grow our local economy by providing jobs, supporting their communities and paying tax dollars used to make this a better place for all," Elliott says.
"Already it is helping to grow our local economy and stimulate job creation particularly initially in construction.