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G&YGrowth and Yield (forestry)
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Effect of growth regulators on growth and yield of French bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) Var.
Similarly, for skipping irrigations, maximum improvement in growth and yield was observed with full irrigations, while irrigation skipped at tasseling stage negatively influenced the growth and yield of hybrid maize than at knee height stage.
Key words: Maize, Zinc, Water deficit, Growth and Yield.
Therefore, present study was planned to investigate the effect of soil zinc application under normal and skip irrigation at knee height and tasseling stages on growth and yield of hybrid maize.
Agronomic Research Area, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan and Usmania Agricultural Farm, Shujabad during kharif season 2012 to study the morphological, growth and yield comparison of cotton to exogenous application of natural and synthetic growth regulators.
Effect of biostimulant on growth and yield of senna (cassia angustifuliavar KKM.1).
Studies on the use of mineral and bio nitrogen fertilizer with some of growth regulators on growth and yield of cotton variety Giza 80.
Observations on the growth and yield attributes as well as yield of seed and stover were recorded as per the established norms.
Effect of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium on growth and yield of broad leaf mustard, Environment and Ecology, 2010; 28(3A): 1700-1704.
Waterlogging effects on growth and yield components in late-planted soybean.
When the tests were repeated using water with a pH comparable to that of acid rain, there was no additional decrease in photosynthesis, acceleration in leaf aging or change in plant growth and yield.
It was concluded that at tillering stage the application of thiourea (at 300 mg/L) was highly effective in improving the growth and yield of late sown wheat.
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