GTA3Grand Theft Auto 3 (video game)
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Many other developers have since tried to emulate GTA3 to varying degrees of success, that was until Rockstar came along with its sequel at the end of last year, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
The gameplay remains essentially the same as GTA3 but you now have motorcycles, planes, and helicopters to play with.
The wonderful graphics make GTA3 look like a cartoon, especially the film-like cut scenes which tell Tony's tangled story.
It's this level of freedom that has earned GTA3 its 18 certificate, making it strictly one for the grown-ups.
Overflowing with atmosphere, GTA3 is nothing short of brilliant.
As with GTA3, the game has different missions through which you must progress.
The PC graphics are vastly better than those on the PS2, where GTA3 is already a smash hit.
GTA3, by Edinburgh-based DMA design and produced by Take Two software, is the biggest PlayStation 2 seller of 2001 and is on its way to clocking up 500,000 sales in Britain at over pounds 30 a game.
While in every other way it's the game Driver should have been, GTA3 could have found more favour with parents if it had followed Driver's lead in cutting down on gratuitous violence.
SCEE's development arm, Team SoHo, portray the kind of lifestyle found in GTA3, proving that thug-based action with a North London accent is another winner.
GTA3 is the latest addition to the long-running series which causes controvery every time it churns out a new version.