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GttsDrops per minute (medical)
GttsGot The T-Shirt
GttsGo To Traffic School (online driving school)
GttsGrants Treasury Tape System
GttsGrupo de Trabajo en Tecnologías del Software (Software Technologies Working Group)
GttsGlobal Telematic Transport System
GttsGyro Transfer Table System
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The incumbent telco Guyana Telephone and Telegraph (GT&T, rebranded as GTT in late 2015) is controlled by the US-based Atlantic Tele-Network (ATN).
For the data from Google Trends, three types of data, namely, GTU data, GTTS data, and GTT data, were used in this study.
In terms of patients' evolution, nearly three-quarters (72%) were declared cured after fully completing their one-year surveillance protocol with no relapse or complication, while a quarter (22%) presented GTT diagnosed during their follow-up.
Analysis of glycemia profile by the A, glucose tolerance test (GTT) and the B, insulin tolerance test (ITT) at the end of the 12th week in rats fed a high-fat diet.
For part of their new branding, GTTS designed a logo which incorporated Rochester's iconic five petal lilac/water wheel design, while at the same time recognizing the unconference's original RIT connection.
(30) showed that delays in processing blood specimens in hospital practice may lead to misclassification in up to 7% of GTTs. Stahl et al.
GTTs were performed to verify the effect of a high-fat diet on glucose tolerance, compared with the normal-diet group.
L4 whole-organism response--in vivo Whole-body insulin Alternatives: GTT + ITT.