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GFVGuaranteed Future Value
GFVGreenfield Village (Amtrak station code; Greenfield Village, MI)
GFVGroupement Foncier Viticole (French: Land Wine Group)
GFVGluten Free Vegan
GFVGovernment Furnished Vehicle
GFVGastric Fluid Volume
GFVGraft Flow Velocity
GFVGuided Flight Vehicle
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This means you can drive away in one of the best five-door hatchbacks available in the UK for a deposit of PS169 and then 47 monthly payments, also of PS169, plus final guaranteed future value. Metallic paint is also included in the price.
Alternatively you can visit our new website: This is what you'd pay Monthly Payment -pounds 147, Customer Deposit -pounds 147 , Advance -pounds 8,122, Total Amount Payable -pounds 9,341.85, Guaranteed Future Value -pounds 3,891, 5.9% APR
Q I'M confused by car finance deals which quote a "minimum guaranteed future value".
For example, dealers can offer Personal Contract Products (PCPs) which can include a guaranteed future value, ensuring that no one ends up out of pocket.
PERSONAL CONTRACT PURCHASE is similar to HP, but as the vehicle still has some residual value at the end of the deal - the Minimum Guaranteed Future Value - you don't pay interest on the whole cost price.
buying new The amount of that payment will be agreed at the start of the contract and is known as the Guaranteed Future Value.
The contract will set out a Minimum Guaranteed Future Value - the car's value in two to three years.
It works like this: You and the salesman agree a "minimum guaranteed future value" for the car based on its likely value in two years if you stick to a mileage you specify.
Monthly payments are fixed at the outset on the guaranteed future value of the vehicle and the bank takes the risks of any further depreciation.
The contract will set out a minimum guaranteed future value (MGFV) - what the car will be worth in two to three years.
The dealer sets a Minimum Guaranteed Future Value of what the car will be worth in two or three years.
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