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GSMBGuaranteed Stock Market Bond (UK)
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QMy bank has offered me a guaranteed stock market bond where I cannot lose my money.
'But I got a letter in January saying that as it was a guaranteed stock market bond with a lock-in feature, I would get 125 per cent of the amount invested just pounds 12,500.
Barclays has launched the fifth issue of its Guaranteed Stock Market Bond. The bond guarantees investors' capital and links returns to the performance of the FTSE 250 Index during its three-and-a-half- year term.
Those who spotted an opportunity five years ago to invest in the north's very first Guaranteed Stock Market Bond release are to get a spectacular return of up to 75 per cent on their money next week.
If you're an inexperienced investor then you could consider a Guaranteed Stock Market Bond, which gives you a choice of investment terms, and if you select the five-year option then not only do you get a guarantee that you can't lose any money, but you will receive 100 per cent of any growth in the FTSE100 index.
A IF you are concerned about security then you should look at a Guaranteed Stock Market Bond.
Scottish savers can prove they're no April fools by applying for TSB Scotland's new Guaranteed Stock Market Bond.
TSB'S new Guaranteed Stock Market Bond is a savings account linked to City shares.
The TSB are launching the latest issue of their Guaranteed Stock Market Bond. It offers investors a 100 per cent money-back guarantee, regardless of the performance of the markets.
The new breed of Guaranteed Stock Market Bonds remove the risk of dabbling in shares but the returns are lower.
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