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GOTRGuardians of the Realm (online gaming)
GOTRGroove on the Roof
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But there is more to the story.Wallace's co-victor at Stirling Bridge was Andrew de Moray, who died of his wounds not long afterwards.The surviving letters to the towns of Lubeck and Hamburg, inviting trade with Scotland after the war, make it clear that Andrew de Moray andWilliam Wallace were Guardians of the Realm when Scotland had no king.This concept was unique in European history.
Punished for their dereliction of duty, the Source Hunters were exiled to the realm of mortal man as ordinary humans, their duties so far serving as penance for once again earning the right to ascend into immortality and return to their everlasting roles and vigilant guardians of the realm of Rivellon.
There are, of course, two totally useless ones currently employed in the capacity of guardians of the realm, i.e.