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GDJGroupe de Jeunes (French: Youth Group)
GDJGudja (postal locality, Malta)
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These works include those on several main roundabouts and junctions which presented obstacles which were creating delays and causing air pollution in their area, such as the improvement of the roundabout at Lija, the main road between Lija and Mosta, the two main junctions at the Qormi roundabout, the roundabout near the Malta International Airport in Gudja, and the one a few metres away in Luqa.
In 1777, two priests from Gudja threatened Giuseppe Hellul with exile from Malta or else to "bring my days to an end beneath the earth.
Several airlines have regular flights to Malta's international airport, which is located five kilometres southeast of the Maltese capital, Valletta, between the towns of Luqa and Gudja.
Mr Pickup, of Dalton, raised the sponsorship money by taking part in 10-kilometre races at Gudja and Luqa on the Mediterranean island.
She has rented a farmhouse in the hamlet of Gudja, on Malta, but has refused to show herself.
26:57-59; 27:20 the renderings sacerdos or pontifex do not correspond directly to the Greek [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (typically princeps pontificum or summus sacerdos in the Latin versions) but rather to the Gothic gudja 'priest', used indifferently in Matthew to render [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.
The Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects is carrying out works through Transport Malta, towards adding three new lanes in Aviation Road, improving access from the Kirkop tunnel, Gudja Bypass, and Luqa.
The roundabout connecting Luqa to Gudja, the Malta International Airport, the ?
The Premier has made these revelations during his speech at the Annual General Meeting of Gudja Labour Party club on Sunday morning.