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And as you also pray for your special intentions, let us also pray for our leaders that they may be guided by God in all their endeavors and plans,' Faller, 52, said.
Moses did indeed write - guided by God - 'an eye for an eye, and tooth for a tooth'.
Jesus' decision and movement are guided by God with whom He communes in prayer.
He aims to show that nothing in the science of evolution says that evolution could not be a process that is guided by God.
is a journey that blends introspection with analysis and invites readers to do the same: "Throughout this particular long and complex miracle I can clearly see the power of God at work, because life and consciousness and self-awareness and perception and freedom and willpower and reasoning and curiosity have flowed to all of us through a wonderful eons -long questing adventure and the exquisite mechanisms of evolution, all of which were certainly instituted and perhaps often guided by God.
Although made up of sinners, the Church claims to be guided by God.
Al-Ghamdi had previously said he had been guided by God after having a temper during his adolescent years, although Lama's mother says otherwise.
With attention to narrative voice and plot structure, Rose shows how the texts collected in Mattheson's Grundlage einer Ehrenpforte shore up the respectability of the musical profession by depicting its members' lives as guided by God and prefigure the figure of the "genius" in late-eighteenth-century aesthetics by emphasizing inborn talent.
The next three days and three nights were a series of small events guided by God (as I later came to understand) and do not need to be recounted here.
Then there were fifteen minutes of bicentennial hoopla involving claims that America's founders were guided by God in all their actions.
Plantinga also draws attention to the complex question of chance in nature, and suggests that it is not clear that the process of evolution operates by chance (as is often claimed), since the process could be guided by God, and if one insists that we must regard it as operating by chance, then one seems to be begging the question.
The issue, once again, is not evolution per se but whether evolution is guided by God.