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GKTGuilty Knowledge Test
GKTGeneral Knowledge Test
GKTGas-Kinetic Theory
GKTGono Kallyan Trust (Saturia, Bangladesh)
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In the present study, we modified the FCGT and included methodological aspects of the Guilty Knowledge Test. We implemented a categorical design and included physiological measures commonly investigated in the Guilty Knowledge Test.
Differences in respiration and pulse activity between targets and nontargets were examined in an explorative manner during 10 s after stimulus onset, as is usually done in the Guilty Knowledge Test (Ambach et al., 2008).
The stimulus material used was adopted from Guilty Knowledge Test studies conducted by our group (e.g., Ambach et al., 2008).
To that end, methodological aspects of the well-investigated Guilty Knowledge Test were included in the FCGT.
The examiners collected the data while preparing for the examinations and provided the data after the examinations were complete (they did not conduct any guilty knowledge tests).
It appears that the guilty knowledge tests had frequently been used in cases where they were inapplicable.
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