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Greenblatt found DeRose guilty but insane of attempted murder, aggravated assault, resisting a peace officer and criminal damage to property after a June bench trial.
MURDER CASEBOOK AMAN who used to quote Shakespeare to himself was found guilty but insane after he stabbed and smothered his wife at their Vauxhall home.
A Eugene man on Friday was found guilty but insane in the 2013 stabbing death of his mother.
He was sent to the Central Mental Hospital after he was found "guilty but insane" of killing his teenage ex-girlfriend Anne Gillespie and her mother Annie.
His bill, filed at the request of the partner of a Westminster police officer whose killer was found not guilty by reason of insanity, would replace the plea with "guilty but insane."
If they are then found guilty but insane, they are technically innocent - and the case is not included in any criminal record.
Gallagher (36) came to England after escaping from the Dublin mental hospital were he was ordered to be detained indefinitely after being found guilty but insane of killing his girlfriend Anne Gillespie and her mother Annie.
He was found guilty but insane and was released after seven years in a psychiatric hospital.
John Gallagher, aged 34, was found 'guilty but insane' of shooting dead his former girlfriend and her mother in 1988.
Under state law, a person is found "guilty but insane" if it is proved that he or she lacked substantial capacity either to appreciate the criminality of the conduct or to conform the conduct to the requirements of the law.
Evangelidis yesterday unveiled legislation that would eliminate not guilty by reason of insanity as a verdict option in murder cases and replace it with one of guilty but insane.
As a result the law was altered so that a special verdict of guilty but insane was brought in.