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GULOGeneral Union of Loom Overlookers (UK)
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Active wolverine Gulo gulo dens as a minimum population estimator in Scandinavia.
They want nothing to do with either our romantic tableaux of charming wild beasts that want to be our friends or our screwy fantasies where gulos play the role of diabolical enemies.
Known as the glutton in Eurasia (the race Gulo gulo gulo) and as the wolverine in North America (the race Gulo gulo luscus), it is a carnivore that can attack much larger animals, but in the boreal forests it has to complement its diet with small rodents, eggs, nestlings, insects, wild fruit, and pine nuts.
We will pay para walang gulo [so there will be no chaos] and that is your guarantee," he added.
Pagka may gulo, ang pinupuntahan ng mga tao barangay, kaya lang hindi fully compensated ang mga barangay (officials at tanods),' the newly-appointed DILG undersecretary for barangay affairs said.
Para sa kapakanan ng mga kababayan nating apektado ng gulo sa Marawi, higit pa natin palalakasin ang ating pagkakaisa, maging higit na pursigido, mabilis, at mabisa sa pagtupad ng tungkulin para mas marami ang maabot ng ating tulong para sa kanila.
Key words: American Marten, camera survey, carnivore, Cascades, Gulo gulo, Martes americana, Martes caurina, Sierra Nevada Red Fox, Oregon, Vulpes vulpes necator, Wolverine
Mead House, Bentley GUlO 5H Y, Hampshire, UK T: +44 (0)1420 521222 F: +44 (0) 1420 521223 E: sales.
Food habits of wolverine, Gulo gulo, in montane ecosystems of British Columbia.
Snow-track surveys have been used successfully to determine the presence of a variety of carnivore species, including wolverine Gulo gulo, river otter Lutra canadensis,red fox Vulpes vulpes and short-tailed weasel Mustela erminea (Reid et al.
The main data (outside the OVC-area) were collected by the field workers of Natural Heritage Services simultaneously with snow-tracking studies of big carnivores (Canis lupus, Gulo gulo, and Lynx lynx), searching nests of golden eagles (Aquila chrysaetos), and controlling hunting and other activities in the wilderness.
Second Honors: Alicia Beshaw, Pamela Cace, Jaclyn Card, Luis Castillo, Jeena Cerasoli, Ishua Corporan, Alexander Cruz, Kevin Gilbert, Tomas Gulo, Joseph Ha, Scott Hackett, Youssef Hassani, Elizabeth Iacovone, Carrie Ivory, Dana Jaara, Joseph Johnson, Annah Killebrew, Sa Rith Ly, Si Ra Tha Ly, Lisa Mao, James Maynard, Jesus Moreta, Hung Nguyen, Phuong Lori Nguyen, Danielle Peart, Juan Rodriguez, Rachel Sensenig, Luz Sepulveda, Kara Squires, Marta Szczubelek, Tefta Tollkuci, Alyssa Wetherbee and Abel Zepeda.