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I have read the comments by Xue et al and I agree that the gum elastic bougie should not be inserted too deeply or too shallowly.
Outright failure of insertion occurred in one child (age four months, weight 8 kg) in whom insertion failed despite attempts using the metal introducer and 'railroading' the PLMA over a gum elastic bougie.
After blind passage of a gum elastic bougie into the trachea, an 8 mm Mallinckrodt endotracheal tube was railroaded over the bougie and rotated 90[degrees] anticlockwise before passing through the vocal cords.
Recently, Gum Elastic Bougie (GEB) guided PLMA insertion has been described (1,2), which avoids impaction at the back of the mouth.
Pharyngeal wall perforation--an unusual complication of blind intubation with a gum elastic bougie.
Possible solutions include inserting the ETT in a horizontal plane and rotating it back to the vertical once it has passed the flange of the GlideScope[R] (2), using a gum elastic bougie as an introducer (5), or inserting the ETT first and advancing it past the base of the tongue before inserting the GlideScope[R].
This involved (1) obtaining the best possible view of the hypopharynx with a Macintosh laryngoscope blade, (2) inserting a gum elastic bougie with its straight end first through the hypopharynx into the proximal 5 cm of the oesophagus and (3) railroading the ProSeal LMA along its drain tube into the pharynx.