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GUNDAMGeneration Unsubdued Nuclear Drive Assault Module (anime)
GUNDAMGeneration Unrestricted Network Drive Assault Module (anime)
GUNDAMGiant Unrealistic Nuclear Dams Armed Masterfully (anime)
GUNDAMGeneral Purpose Utility Non-Discontinuity Augmentation Maneuvering Weapon System (Gundam SEED Anime)
GUNDAMGigantic Unilateral Numerous Dominating Ammunition (Anime)
GUNDAMGunnery United Nuclear Duetrion Advanced Maneuver System (Gundam Seed Destiny Anime)
GUNDAMGeneral Unilateral Neuro-Link Dispersive Autonomic Maneuver System
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Going to Tokyo will give you the opportunity to witness the intricate details and craftsmanship of the towering Unicorn Gundam statue.
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz, Glory of the Losers 1 is the first graphic novel in a new retelling of Gundam Endless Waltz, a science fiction epic about violent war among spacefaring humans who use supremely powerful, piloted robots as deadly weapons.
While Mobile Suit Gundam fans will likely enjoy this new series (my college-age son likes it), new readers wont have to know about the older series in order to read this.
Today Sedki not only collects Gundam super robots but also runs a store, Otaku ME, selling Gunplas (plastic model kits), tools, paints and other accessories for Gundam robots.
Rather than us explaining each of these additions, go here and finally design your own mecha (Cue Gundam opening theme
And Gundam producer Masao Ueda grants fan-created elaborations of the Gundam world their rightful place in the Gundam universe: 'It's possible that's the way it is.
There were fewer action-oriented entertainment and digital properties than at many other licensing shows, although a fair number of manga/anime (Naruto, Gundam, and Evangelion), video game ("World of Warcraft," "Sonic the Hedgehog," and "Pokemon") and mobile apps (Fruit Ninja and Plants versus Zombies, the latter through Shanghai Popcap) were on display.
said Monday it will launch an Auris saloon model customized with the image of a character from the popular Japanese animated television series "Mobile Suit Gundam.
The superhero and anime figurines at Gift Mania are stacked so high and seemingly haphazardly, one wrong move risks an action figure domino effect: Gundam would fall on Gundam and Batman could careen into Joker.
For Pacific Rim to be the kind of phenomenon Legendary is banking on, the picture must draw on an audience beyond the core fanbase of Kaiju and Gundam aficionados.
Shinigami Gundam Lolli said: "The only people who can get a council property in Newcastle these days are asylum seekers, single parents or junkies/alkies, and they're not bothered because they get more on benefits than I do working
GAME OF THE WEEK Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 Platform: PS3 Genre: Action Price: pounds 49.