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GUNGamersunitednetwork (pc-games website)
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GUNGuardian Units of Nation (Sonic Adventure 2, gaming)
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GUNGunfighters (gaming organization)
GUNGeneral Union of the Nuba Mountains (aka General Union of Nuba; Sudanese political group)
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There's a common misconception that whenever a new development was introduced in handguns in the mid-1800s, gunfighter types jumped right on them.
Still, there is much to learn from the gunfighters of yesterday because not that much has changed in regards to how the "one-hand gun" is used in interpersonal conflict.
In between acts members of The Gunfighters club put on an impressive shoot-out in which a Clint Eastwood lookalike made 16 men bite the dust.
Seven gunfighters, each with their own individual styles and personalities, form a gang in a bid to protect a poor Mexican village from raids by local bandits.
My two favourites are Embarrassment by Lucy Lastic and that classic musical Gunfighters by the Okay Chorale.
Pennyweather and the townswomen who are seeking the marshal to demand he keep the town free of gunfighters.
Mendez's buddy Tom Troutman, alias Snake Dancer, lives in Banning and performs skits with the Mojave Muleskinners, Gunfighters for Hire and Lawdogs and Ladies.
A room in his flat in Vale House, Jesmond, Newcastle, was dedicated to the gunfighters and characters who made the legends.
The images reference a Western movie, as depicted by two gunfighters, a horror movie featuring a mad physician, and news footage of a tornado, which is effective because of the modern day interest in storms.
Having captured their "Most Wonted Man," the San Antonio Gunfighters take o moment to pose with LTG James McCall during the chapter's PDS.
Take the self-guided tour of streets lined with 60 structures in various states of repair-including the jail, hotel, first governor's mansion, and Methodist church-and it's not hard to imagine this was once the Wild West, complete with gold miners and gunfighters.